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Tendering Assistance

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We will prepare tender documents from the design information produced for your project.  This documentation can be a bill of quantities or pricing schedule and will include a form of tender and a letter of invitation to tender.  Having good tender documentation will ensure that all tenders received will be based on the same information and include for all items necessary to complete the project.  We will also monitor the design between the estimating and tender stage ensuring the tender will be submitted within the original construction budget.

Tender Negotiations

If your project is fast track or you would just like to use a particular builder you know we can negotiate the tender with them on your behalf.  This would involve producing a tender document for them to price, checking the rates they have submitted for their tender and making any necessary changes to these rates.  This is to ensure a competitive contract sum is agreed within the client’s original construction budget.

Tender Projects

If you are a building contractor we can price any tender you would like to submit on a competitive basis.  We will measure the project from the plans and price the bill of quantities with rates discussed with you in order to ensure the maximum competitiveness of the tender.  We can also give cost and contractual advice during pre-contract, construction and final account negotiations.

Tender Reports

When the tenders are returned for a project we produce a detailed analysis of the tenders received.  This involves reviewing the prices to ensure that they include for all the works in the tender documents and that there are no errors in the figures submitted.  Once this has been carried out and the lowest tender has been established we will check the contractors programme, performance bond, insurances and any other information requested to be submitted with the tender.  Only after this will we recommend the most suitable and economical contractor for your project.

Tendering Assistance

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